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Destiny & Gastronomy

LISTEN IN AS OUR VERY OWN PETER BELAFSKY talks about life, inspiration, and his fascination with the stomach on the celebrated One-On-One Podcast with Dave Almy. Dave and Peter talk crazy ideas, tips worth knowing and great news for coffee drinkers.

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Griffin’s Story

Chemotherapy was not easy, but for the most part, Griffin did really well while we did everything we could to keep him comfortable. However, something we hadn’t anticipated was the side effect of reflux. Witnessing poor Griffin coughing, gagging, and beginning to lose interest in the meals he once loved was just too much.

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Reflux Friendly Recipes: Sauce Verte

While reflux triggers are personal, there are some recipes that may be more friendly for those who deal with occasional acid reflux. Although all of us with reflux should try and avoid spicy, greasy,

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“Ahemmmm… eee…EEE!” As I did every morning of an audition, the moment I woke up, I began to vocalize to take stock of where my voice was sitting. After a minute or two of making sounds that might make my hotel room neighbors fret a cat was being tortured, it became very clear to me that getting my voice in performance-shape for today’s audition would be a “journey.”

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ALGINATE THERAPY is the only intervention that works to safeguard the esophagus by creating a protective barrier that actually stops reflux from happening.


Created by expert physicians who care for people suffering from reflux and an iconic chef who knows what it feels like to do the suffering.

100% ALL-NATURAL • Paraben FREE, glycerin FREE, & potassium FREE • Made entirely from all-natural ingredients considered safe for children and during pregnancy • No known side effects • Made from start to finish in Northern California • Helps to relieve hunger pains associated with intermittent fasting • All-natural flavor designed by our iconic chef • Gluten FREE • Allergen FREE • Vegan 

DIRECTIONS: Take one teaspoon (5 ml), or more as needed or as directed by your physician, after meals and before bedtime.