Reflux Gourmet FAQ

Each 5 ml serving of our Rescue products contains 425 mg of Reflux Gourmet’s Proprietary Alginate Complex. Due to the proprietary nature of our formula, we cannot disclose exact amounts. However, we have come to understand that the quality of the alginate far outweighs the quantity when it comes to raft formation and protecting the esophagus. We are proud that the integrity of our all-natural raft consistently out-performs all the synthetic rafts of our competitors in lab comparisons. We are committed to remaining 100% all-natural while maintaining such stellar quality of performance.

Our formula does contain sugar and we do not plan on sugar-free in the future. The all-natural sugar does double duty. First, alginate tastes TERRIBLE, and the sweetener plays a part in covering that up. But more importantly, dextrose is one of nature’s original preservatives. We are happy to use sugar since it means keeping our formula 100% natural and safe.


The FDA requires us to round up on labels, so the actual sugar content per 5 ml is 7 calories, the industry equivalent of many vitamins and supplements. Also note that while dextrose does begin the list of “other” ingredients, our proprietary alginate blend makes up the bulk of the product.


Our product is the only 100% all-natural alginate on the market, and we would have to resort to synthetic preservatives (such as the cancer-causing paraben used in our competitor’s formula) if we removed the dextrose, and we are committed to remaining entirely natural and safe.

No. We use a highly purified alginate source that does not contain iodine.

No. Unlike other alginate products on the market, our products do not contain any potassium to worry those with kidney issues.

The recommended dose (1 teaspoon or 5 ml) of Reflux Gourmet’s Rescue products has only 40 mg of sodium.

Yes. Our plant-based products are gluten-free, vegan, and meet kosher requirements (though we do not take the step of employing a rabbi to certify the manufacturing process).


Our products are also free from common allergens (such as peanuts, soybeans, milk, eggs, fish, crustacean, tree nuts, and wheat), as well as any artificial additives (including sweetener, flavoring, or color), and dairy-free.


Reflux Gourmet’s products are proud to be all-natural, non-GMO, made in the USA, cruelty free.

It is best not to take our product with medication and/or supplements. You should take your medication before taking the product, or four hours after taking our product.


Remember that our product forms a protective raft in your stomach. The four hours merely refers to the time food (or our protective raft) may stay in your stomach. Say you took our Vanilla Caramel Rescue or Mint Chocolate Rescue and then took your medication directly after, there could be a possibility that the pill could get caught in the raft, thus slowing down its absorption, but it would still be digested and absorbed along with the raft (same as with food). No worries. Some individuals are on time-released medications, but even then, as long as they take the medication before the product and subsequent raft formation, they will be fine. 


The take-home message is that our products do not interfere with the actions of any medications and/or supplements, just remember to work around the raft that is protecting your esophagus.

While patients taking certain medications are warned of grapefruit juice, grapefruit seed extract is a different substance. 


There is 25-30 mg of grapefruit seed extract per 5 ml. If taken three time daily, it will not exceed 100 mg, and there is no maximum daily allowance for grapefruit seed extract.


The capacity for grapefruit seed extract to produce drug interactions remains unknown. Like all botanical products, grapefruit seed extract is a complex material with numerous phytochemicals that remain largely uncharacterized with respect to drug pharmacokinetics. 


That being said, any decisions regarding medication regimen and potential for interactions should be made in partnership with your treating physician and pharmacist.

While it is true that PPIs will decrease the acid in your stomach, studies are showing evidence that even while being treated with PPIs, there is consistently an “acid pocket” on top of your stomach contents. Thus, those still experiencing discomfort while on their PPIs may feel relief using our product as it would be activated by this very “acid pocket.”

You do not have to take 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of the product. While one teaspoon (5ml) may be the perfect amount to relieve reflux suffering in some, others may require more or less. You may adjust the amount of Mint Chocolate Rescue and Vanilla Caramel Rescue to the lowest amount necessary to meet your individual needs to improve your quality of life.

You can eat or drink after taking Reflux Gourmet’s Rescue products without any negative consequences. The raft has the consistency of a gel, so food and liquid will pass through the raft with the assistance of gravity and normal esophageal movement. You may, however, experience feeling fuller sooner if you take the product before meals. Some individuals consume alginate products prior to meals specifically to feel full, eat less, and promote weight loss.

Yes, you may dilute the product if it is too viscous for you to consume. Keep in mind, however, that the thickness of the product was formulated to provide optimal coating and protection of your throat and esophagus. Though diluting the product is possible, it may reduce the protective function and/or length of action.

Sodium Alginate is an extract of brown seaweed and is generally regarded as safe (GRAS) by the FDA. It should not have an effect on bowel movements. Nonetheless, alginate may not be for everyone, and if you experience any untoward GI side effects it is prudent to stop the supplement and consult with your physician.

No. Although products that have these elements as active ingredients may exacerbate reflux in people with a predisposition (mint chocolate ice cream, for example), the amounts of all-natural mint and chocolate extract in Mint Chocolate Rescue are not in sufficient quantities to be considered “mint” and “chocolate” by the FDA and do NOT promote reflux. Our physicians are well-aware of common triggers for reflux and would never create a product that would exacerbate reflux. Instead, we have created the only “mint and chocolate” that is actually good for reflux!

Yes. We have, of course, tested just such scenarios to ensure product stability and safety. The product should be fine and perform as intended, but the product should be allowed to return to room temperature before consuming. And note that the color may darken after being exposed to such temperatures, but the function will remain unaffected.

While the FDA does not require an expiration date on nutritional supplements, you may find the date of manufacture stamped into the end of where the tube is sealed as part of the lot number. 


First two digits are the year and the second two digits are the month. (The rest carry other lot number information for our reference.) For example, a product produced February of 2021 would carry a number stamped into the end beginning: 2102. 


Our products are selling through so fast, we do not have any product in stock for very long! However, just as with any other product, if at any time your product appears compromised, please do not consume it.

We are actively working to make our products internationally available. If you would like to be notified when Reflux Gourmet products are available in your country, please share your email and country of residence with us at

Works to safeguard the esophagus by creating a protective barrier

NO known side effects

Made entirely from all-natural ingredients considered safe in children and pregnancy
The only alginate therapy made with 100% all natural ingredients and paraben FREE

Helps relieve hunger pains associated with intermittent fasting

All natural flavor designed by our iconic chef


Take 1 teaspoon (5 ml), or more as needed or as directed by your physician, after meals and before bed.

Vanilla Caramel rescueTM

Our newest flavor promotes the relief of reflux with a soothing vanilla and caramel taste sensation.

Take 1 teaspoon (5 ml), or more as needed or as directed by your physician, after meals and before bed.