Managing heartburn in pregnancy

It’s no secret that pregnancy is often uncomfortable. Countless women suffer from swollen feet, sore backs, nausea, and heartburn. Have you ever wondered why so many pregnant women experience heartburn?


It starts with hormonal changes that cause the esophageal muscles to relax. While these muscles are taking a break, the gates are left open for stomach acid to flow backward and regurgitate. 


This backward flow of stomach acid gets worse when lying down or after a big meal, and it’s well-known that pregnancy can increase both hunger and fatigue. With these activity changes, heartburn becomes increasingly severe.  


Unfortunately, this creates an uncomfortable cycle; The more a person’s discomfort interferes with sleep and cravings, the hungrier, and more exhausted they become.

So, what can be done? How can you find relief if you experience heartburn during pregnancy?


Follow these simple tips:


1. Eat frequent small meals instead of the typical 3 large meals a day


2. Eat slowly. Scarfing down your food increases your chance of heartburn.


3. Avoid spicy and fatty foods. This can be difficult when cravings set in, but you’ll thank yourself later if you reduce your chances of heartburn. 


4. Don’t chug your fluids. It has the same effect as eating too fast, sip slowly and hydrate throughout the day.


5. Plan your meals and rest so they don’t interfere with one another. Give yourself time to digest before you lie down. Four hours is optimal.


6. Prop yourself up on pillows or better yet invest in a reflux bed wedge to get gravity on your side and keep your stomach acid where it belongs.


7. Avoid clothing with tight waistbands that constrict your stomach and push stomach acid upward. Your baby is already doing plenty of this on his/her own!


8. Do your best to keep your digestive tract on a regular schedule. Constipation encourages stomach acid to flow in the wrong direction and can contribute to your heartburn discomfort.


9. Use Reflux Gourmet after meals, before bedtime, and when symptomatic to combat heartburn so you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy!


Reflux Gourmet is safe for pregnant mothers. It has no known side effects and is all-natural and paraben-free. There is no need to worry about exposing your baby to harmful ingredients. Just take 2 tsp. after you eat, before you lie down, and when you experience symptoms. 


Growing your family is an exciting time. You should be enjoying your pregnancy and celebrating the fact that your body is creating a new life, not spending your time miserably suffering from acid reflux. 


With Reflux Gourmet, on your side, you won’t have to suffer waiting for relief. Simply take a dose of Reflux Gourmet as a preventative measure and skip the misery.


Take it away, Nature’s way.

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